The Community for Global Wellness

” Your Well Being, Our Foundation”

Global Wellness foundation was founded in 2007 and since then has been in operation with a mission to serve various communities and our nation with fire in its soul and determinations in its mind towards making India a developed and better country. Global wellness foundation is a not for profit organization which aims at empowering underserved members of the society with ample means to enhance their wellbeing and to uplift the holistic development of our society.

Our Mission

To ensure wellbeing, welfare, compassion, development and prosperity for the underprivileged community of our country. We provide effective channels for empathetic and charitable citizens to contribute towards wellness and upliftment of the underserved community in our nation.

A Glimpse of Goodness

Our combined efforts and your generous contributions have always made it possible to plan and execute massive successful charity campaigns and events and create inspiring stories for generations to come.

Associations Amplifying Our Voice

Our association with renowned activists, corporates and established social workers displays our dedication and perseverance towards the work that we do and speaks volumes about the intent and character that Global Wellness holds.

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